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Early Digital Intervention for Covid-19 Therapy

EDICT is a collaboration across the health sector, universities, the government, industry and consumer groups. Through remote monitoring technologies our aim is to fight Covid-19 for those who are at risk and who already have the virus.

We’re currently helping three main groups of people – those in aged care facilities, multicultural communities and those with chronic lung disease.

We’re using innovative remote monitoring technology to enable patients to stay in isolation and remain in the comfort of their own homes.

We aim to improve the healthcare of Covid-19 and at-risk patients by:

Better monitoring of symptoms and vital signs, including early detection of the disease.

More effective and culturally-appropriate education/communication about Covid-19.

Understanding and reducing the mental health and wellbeing challenges of isolation.

Improved coordination of healthcare providers and other state services.

There are lots of other benefits to the patient – they save on healthcare expenses as they don’t have to travel to see a GP or go to hospital. And it prevents the spread of Covid-19 and reduced hospital-acquired infections.

We’re excited about the positive results we’re seeing so far and hope to use the EDICT platform for other collaborations and to remotely monitor other chronic and infectious diseases.

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