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We provide digital health remote monitoring technology Covid-19 support for older people in their community to promote wellbeing, independence and reduce isolation.

We’ve partnered with Perth-based clinical biotechnology company, Emyria and are using their award-winning digital platform called Openly for contactless remote Covid-19 screening. It is registered with the TGA as a medical device.

The positive about the technology is that patients can receive treatment in the familiarity of their own home with increased comfort levels for those going through what can be an extremely challenging time. Also, 90 per cent of Australian residents own a smartphone that makes this platform extremely accessible to the wider community.

Allied health professionals have the ability to collect data about vital signs of patients using a smartphone and identify and act quickly on any health concerns early. Patients and families have reported feeling more reassured knowing someone is monitoring their health. They also felt more confident as they could stay at home safely rather than going to see a doctor or visit a hospital where they could be exposed to Covid-19.

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