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Not everyone recovers quickly from an infection and some develop long Covid. Long Covid isn’t fully understood and there’s no internationally-agreed definition – so estimates of how common it is, or what the main symptoms are, vary.

Why do we need to keep an eye on it?

According to a research study one in five people in Australia are affected by long Covid. And it can be utterly debilitating. Persistent fatigue is common in long Covid, along with brain fog, shortness of breath and muscle pain. It is not clear what will happen in this space in the future – is long Covid just a feature of the virus and will always happen, or will it fade away as our immunity improves? Research suggests vaccination reduces the risk of long Covid – but doesn’t eliminate it.

What can we do about it?

The number of cases of long Covid will need to be monitored across the globe as so much is still unknown about it. Understanding why the virus causes long Covid and what the best treatments are could speed up people’s recovery

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