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Temporary measures as Covid-19 cases rise in China

Australia has joined a growing list of countries who have imposed Covid-19 rules on travellers arriving from China.

From 5 January 2023, travellers from China to Australia will be required to undertake a Covid-19 test within a window of 48 hours before travel and show evidence of a negative test result.

Health Minister, Mark Butler said, “We welcome the return to travel and understand many Chinese Australians haven’t seen family and friends for months and in some cases years.

“This small but sensible move will help to protect people who are at risk of severe illness and protect our healthcare system.”

The new changes are temporary and will apply to travellers from Hong Kong, Macaua, in addition to those from mainland China.

“We’re taking into account the dynamic and evolving situation in China and the potential for new variants to emerge in an environment of high transmission,” Butler said.

“Australia is well positioned in its pandemic response. We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Australia and internationally, in collaboration with medical experts.”

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